ZERO Currency Game
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No Minimum, Instant!
Actual ZERO Fees!


Drive Classic Cartoon Boat !

You will earn rewards every minute as long as you hold the boat's wheel.
Be careful, Pete could appear anytime and
prevent you from completing your travel.

Collect Daily Gift !

Don't forget to collect your daily gift everyday, It will help you to give additional rewards and increase your daily earning from the game.

Earn from Paid to Click Ads!

You can earn more from our Paid to Click ads.
We will have new ads to earn from Everyday!

Play Online Mini Game !

Try you chance with other online players in ZeroLand.
You will have chance to win x1.9 rewards for winning games against other players!

Level up Your Player !

Do more collections to level up your players!
By leveling up, you will unlock new characters and features!

Collect Gems, Buy Characters !

You can boost your Generator by renting new characters for gems.
Gems can be collected for free during the game!

Feed up Your Player !

While doing collects from generator, You will find different items
Use collected food to increase your player energy and earn more rewards !

Why Do We Love ZERO ?

✓ Zero Transaction Fees
✓ Fast Payments (avg. 2 minutes /block)
✓ Private & Public Addresses
✓ 7 Years Online (mined since 2017)
✓ Rare Currency (supply ~13m of total 17m)

Explorer, Coinmarketcap, Coingecko

Play More, Earn More !

The more you play the game, the more earning options will be unlocked !

Join & Play for Free

What is MyZeroLand ?

MyZeroLand is a Game to play online on Laptop or Phone.
You are always a winner, no chance to lose : )

How to improve my score in MyZeroLand game ?

Refer your friends to join game, you will get more score to have a better rank.

What are Gems ?

Gems will help you to change your player, in result you can improve your score in the game.

Why ZERO Currency ?

Zero Currency has actual zero fees, it's most useful to send all payouts instantly without using any micro-wallet service.
Plus Zero is a privacy coin for people who like to keep their funds private.

Which Wallet Support Zero Currency ?

We recommend to use wallet, it's most simple and easy to use wallet for Zero Currency.

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