Frequently Asked Questions

What is MyZeroLand ?

MyZeroLand is a Game to play online on Laptop or Phone.
You are always a winner, no chance to lose : )

How to improve my score in MyZeroLand game ?

Refer your friends to join game, you will get more score to have a better rank.

What are Gems ?

Gems will help you to change your player, in result you can improve your score in the game.

Why Zero Currency ?

Zero Currency has actual zero fees, it's most useful to send all payouts instantly without using any micro-wallet service.
Plus Zero is a private coin for people who like to keep their funds private.

Which Wallet Support Zero Currency ?

We recommend to use /.app wallet, it's most simple and easy to use wallet for Zero Currency.

Most Asked Questions

How to Earn from PTC Ads?
How to Collect Generated Coins?

How to Play?

First, you have to Register and Login your game profile.

After you login game, Verify your account by following steps there.

Now you can change your Player from here. First 2 players are available for lifetime.

You may Drive the Boat to work and increase rewards every 20 minutes,
however this is optional command if you wish to increase your score better.

By this time, you gather score by your chosen player to keep your balance rising.
Remember to pickup score made by your Player at least once a day.

At this point, and when you collect generated energy, you will get chance to win Foods or Gems.

Feed your player here to get stronger and healthy.
When your player health is good enough, you will be able to win extra bonus.

You have more questions not listed here?

Feel free to Contact us :

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