PTC / Banner Exchange

Are Your PTC or Faucet Owner ?

If you are PTC or Faucet owner. And You're interesting to add ZERO currency on your site.
We will agree to deal PTC or Banner exchange with your site at no costs.

We already have good active members, and we all here love ZERO currency.

Why ZERO ?
ZERO has zero transaction fees, we (faucet owners) are sending payouts instantly at no costs, no need for micro-wallet.
Plus, ZERO is private coin as like Monero for people who like to keep funds private.
And there is already easy to use API wallet, you can use it easily to send automated payouts.
Check our 'Latest Payments' page, we've sent all payments instantly (provided with txid) at no fees to our happy members.

If your site has ZERO withdraw option, then we'll agree to have ad exchange with you!

What You have to do?

1- Add ZERO as new withdraw option on your site.
2- Contact us for having PTC or Banner exchange. All ZERO sites are welcome!

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